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Madelyn K.

Kueker's Landscaping & Nursery

/ Pool & Spa

“Adam and Victoria have consistently demonstrated remarkable insight and effective communication throughout this entire process. Despite my hectic schedule, which often makes it challenging to immerse myself in new systems and software, they have proactively reached out and organized calls with remarkable consistency and convenience.

These interactions have not only made me feel supported but also actively engaged in the process.

I appreciate that, thanks to their thorough guidance, I don't feel overwhelmed or confused by the A.D.A.M. system. Both Adam and Victoria are not only incredibly kind but also highly knowledgeable and maintain a commendable level of professionalism in their interactions.
We've recently implemented their systems, and it has proven to be quite transformative. Remarkably, we nearly doubled our 5-star Google reviews in just a few days, thanks to one of their strategically crafted campaigns.

Moreover, the system's efficiency has significantly improved my workflow, allowing me to reallocate time from managing calls and messages to other professional tasks. It's truly refreshing for my workload!
Navigating through all these exciting features, it's a bit challenging to pinpoint my absolute favorite, but I'm particularly thrilled about the surge in organic marketing it's generating. Building that kind of traction can be a real challenge, and this system seems to be acing it.

Equally, the time it saves us from the constant phone calls and answering routine questions during the busy season is a game-changer. On top of that, it's giving our company a sleek, modern, and organized vibe, which is a definite plus. I'm confident it's going to set us apart from competitors with its innovative approaches and streamlined systems.."


Thalia R.

Prestige Renovation

NADRA Member / TrexPro

“Working with the ADAM team has been nothing short of great. The level of responsiveness, professionalism, and honesty displayed by the team members has truly impressed us.

We are happy to say that in our first official week of having the funnel live, we've seen positive outcomes. We have experienced an increase in site visits, and more importantly, we have seen a rise in potential clients actively reaching out to us. This is a clear sign that the implementation of the strategies and the automation tools provided are yielding results.

When it comes to automation in our business, we are genuinely excited. The organization that automation brings to our processes is remarkable. We no longer have to manually handle every aspect, as automation takes care of it. This has made us more efficient and saves us precious time, allowing us to focus on high-value tasks. Also, the best part is the automated responses to potential clients have improved our closing rate, as it promptly addresses their inquiries and requests making our business more responsive and professional.
Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the progress we have made so far. We greatly appreciate the expertise and the tools provided to us with to enhance our business operations. The ADAM team has made a significant positive impact, and we look forward to continuing this successful collaboration."


Dave L.

Forest Fence & Deck

TrexPro Platinum

"The A.D.A.M. team have their pulse on the Building industry and that's reflected in how well they're solving such a massive problem that most business owners in our space are facing: doing too much work themselves. Thanks to A.D.A.M., we can just focus on what we do best, build beautiful decks."